Cocktail Roller Bottles

Need a girls’ night out? Whether you are an experienced oiler or a newbie, this class will not disappoint. You will make unique blends to help you feel invigorated, improve your mood, and help with stress to name a few. All the blends are named after cocktails. This will be a fun night for all!

Rollers for Real Moms

Homework! Screaming Kids! Annoying husband! Stay calm and “roll on”. In this class, you will make roller bottles to help you with all those mom problems. Let these beautiful oils help you to stay calm or maybe give the energy that you need to get through the day.  Whatever your problem is, doTERRA can help!

Rollers for College Students

Help your college kid to succeed and be their best! This DIY class will equip your college students with all the tools they need to survive and thrive this school year.  These neat roller bottles are ready to use and small enough to take on the go.

Rolling Through the Work Week

Doesn’t it seem like it is always Monday?!? These rollers will help you get through the week with less stress and more energy.  There is also a roller to prevent you from eating in the break room. We all need this set of roller bottles in our lives.

I Am Fabulous

Start believing in yourself! This unique class starts with a protocol to eliminate feelings of being overwhelmed, boosting self-esteem, and finding clarity and vision.  From here, you are ready to make five roller bottles that you will use over the course of several weeks. Get ready to become the person you are meant to be!


Have Fun While Learning!

These DIY classes are great for novice oilers as well as more experienced ones. Have some fun while making blends to help your emotional well-being. The cost for each class is $35 and includes all the materials to make 5 roller bottles.

Don’t see any times that fit your schedule? Contact me about hosting your own class for you and 3-5 friends.