Natural Solutions

In this class, you will learn several interesting facts about essential oils and how to effectively use them. This class is great for those just beginning their journey using natural solutions. You will be given the opportunity to use the Essential Life book to find oils to cater to your needs. Don’t miss out on this learning opportunity!

children and essential oils

Children and Essential Oils

Can’t get your children to focus? No problem! Let doTERRA help you. Come learn how to effectively and safely use essential oils with your children. I will cover topics such as focusing, sleep, germs, and more. This class will not only make your children live better, but it will also help ease some of the stress in your life.


 Diffuse Yourself to Sleep

Sleep is necessary for your body to function effectively. Your day gets a whole lot more difficult when you don’t get restful sleep.  What can you do about it? Get a prescription from the doctor that has side effects that are worse than not sleeping. Ugh! Join me to find out how you can get a good night sleep using natural solutions. Diffusers and roller bottle blends to the rescue!

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 Emotions and Aromatherapy

Don’t let a bad mood ruin your day. Essential oils have a powerful aroma that when inhaled can quickly alter your mood. Often you can start to feel the calming, soothing, or uplifting effects of an essential oil from the first sniff. This will quickly become your favorite way of using essential oils. Let’s get happy!


 Fitness and Essential Oils

Don’t let sore muscles prevent you from reaching your goals! Whether you exercise for fun, to lose weight, to build muscle, or just because you want to be healthy, essential oils can be a helpful part of any workout routine. Essential oils are safe, natural, and potent, which makes them a useful part of a healthy lifestyle. doTERRA has a variety of products to meet the needs of everyone!


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These continuing education classes will help you to explore new products and ways to integrate essential oil and products into your everyday life. Learn how to replace those toxic products with natural solutions.

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