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How to buy doTERRA products? 

Retail Customer

Purchase products at retail price which is 25% more than wholesale:

  • No membership fee

  • Not eligible to earn free product

  • Will not receive any perks of being a member


Wholesale Customer

Save 25% off retail price on all products!

  • One-time yearly fee of $35

  • Renewal cost after the first year is $25 which includes a free bottle of peppermint valued at $20

  • Able to take advantage of the loyalty rewards program in which you can earn 10-30% back in free product

  • Eligible to receive the FREE product of the month

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a wholesale member, please contact me. We can set up an appointment in-person or over the phone, and there is no obligation to buy. I will help you determine the oils that fit your needs, and explain how to maximize the benefits of being a wholesale customer.