Addressing FEAR

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” ~FDR

Fear is a horrible emotion that if left unresolved will ruin our lives. I love this quote! It means that the emotion of fear is worse than the things we actually fear. Once fear grabs hold of us, it is like a snake that fights us into submission and eventually death. Ok, ok, maybe slightly dramatic, but not really far from the truth. Have you ever had a fear that prevented you from living your life? Fear keeps you stagnant and drains your happiness and peace! In my opinion, this is a slow sad emotional death!

The first step to addressing your emotions is decoding the feelings and thoughts you are experiencing. I chose to address fear today because it is an emotion that so many of us deal with on varying levels and in different areas of our lives. You might have fears about flying, or fear of falling in love. You may be fearful to lose those extra pounds because you don’t know what life will be like if you were thinner. Whatever your fear is, let’s do the work to put it in the past.

Recently, I decided to make a lot of big life changes. I moved across the country, left my teaching career of over 16 years, and started up my own business. OMG! Talk about fear! I had fear of moving away from my family and friends and leaving everything that was familiar to me. I had fear about moving away with a man and giving a relationship my all, which is especially hard after a divorce. And my biggest fear of starting from scratch and pursuing a new career. Wow! I was filled with FEAR!

Let’s get started by determining that you are fearful. Here are some common physical and emotional indicators that you are experiencing FEAR! By the way, I experienced them all!

Emotional Indictators

  • unsure

  • restlessness

  • worry

  • panic

  • trouble concentrating

  • hesitation

Physical Indicators

  • rapid or shallow breathing

  • sweaty palms

  • dizziness

  • increased heart rate

  • throat contraction

  • nausea

So if the description above fits you, then you must read on. The following are the oils that help break through the emotions associated with fear, so that you can live a better life. There are multiple oils listed because each caters to a different type of fear. You need to distinguish which oil is needed for your specific emotions. Below is a brief description to help you determine where your fear comes from.

  • Juniper Berry encourages us to face our unknown fears buried within.

  • Cassia dispels fear and replaces it with self-assurance.

  • Cypress aids in letting go of the past fears and worries.

  • Turmeric repairs blocked aspects of the self and helps assist with systemic barriers.

  • Cinnamon dispels fear of rejection in relationships.

  • Birch encourages courage when you feel like you are not being supported by others.

  • Yarrow-Pom helps the individual to feel protected after a trauma and not live in fear.

  • Green Mandarin helps to relieve limiting beliefs and emotional scars.

  • Lavender addresses a fear of being seen and heard for our true self.

  • Peace Blend seeks to find inner peace especially by those who need to control their environment and relationships because of fear.

Which essential oil speaks to you?

The application method for each of the above oils is different. There is not a one size fits all. If you want more information, please email me for details. It’s time to stop letting fear control your life! You got this!

Laura Ciampa