Healing Emotional Issues with Essential Oils

I used the blends from this book along with the tear sheet with the protocol.

I used the blends from this book along with the tear sheet with the protocol.

Back in May, I began following a protocol to address feelings of being overwhelmed, fear, self-esteem, clarity, and personal power. What a powerful experience! I am still in the process of completing this protocol because I needed to use certain oil blends longer than others. At this point, I am on the verge of being able to move onto the last blend in the protocol. I am not quite there yet and I can’t exactly explain how I know, but I guess it is intuition.

When I began the protocol, I was feeling in a slump, and was crying a lot. I was confused and didn’t know what was happening. I thought that this was supposed to make me feel better, not worse. I now realize that the oils I was using were helping me to address some emotional baggage. Once I stopped feeling this way, I knew it was time to move onto the next oil blend. I am currently using a blend called I Am Fabulous. I have been using this oil blend a little longer than the other blends. I recognize that I have to really feel like I am Fabulous before I can move on to the last oil. I actually had a realization the other day, that has put things into perspective for me. I addressed an issue from years ago that I thought I had let go, but apparently had not. This moment was the first step in getting over that hump.

Essential oils are powerful and have the ability to support and improve your emotional health. Essential oils help us open up to being honest with ourselves and create an optimal environment for healing our issues. According to the Emotions and Essential Oils book, essential oils take us through five stages of healing.

  1. Healing the physical body

    First off, we need our physical body to be healthy and supported. Essential oils assist the body in defending against harmful organisms, purifying our body systems, and balancing body function.

  2. Healing the heart

    Now that our physical body vibration is high, we can start to release stagnant negative emotions. These emotions can’t live where there is high energetic vibrations. During this process, old feelings surface, so that they can be released. This may seem uncomfortable or counter productive, but it is just part of the process. You can not replace old negative feelings with new positive ones unless you release those feelings that have been holding you back.

  3. Releasing limiting beliefs

    This stage is so vital to our emotional health and well-being because beliefs are ingrained in our subconscious. Beliefs are a collection of our experiences and how we perceived them. This is how we created our identity. Our beliefs, whether they are negative or positive affect every aspect of our lives including our thoughts and emotions. Essential oils support us in recognizing the poor beliefs and helps us to release them in order to make way for new positive ones.

  4. Increase spiritual awareness

    In this stage, we need to acknowledge our connection to our spiritual nature and recognize that there is a spiritual source which plays a significant role in our healing process. This step connects us to our resource of LOVE! Let love and light be your guide and nothing will be impossible.

    “Where there is love, there is life.” ~Mahatma Ghandi

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King

  5. Inspire the fulfillment of our life’s purpose

    The last stage brings about clarity and courage to move forward. You will know your path and be free of anything that might inhibit you from living your best life! Be happy, you got this!

I am a firm believer in taking care of the whole person. If one aspect of your life is off, then it will be difficult to find balance and harmony. In addition to balancing your emotions, there are some habits that must become a part of your day. During and after this emotional work, make it a habit to meditate, journal, eat healthy, and exercise. AND don’t forget to continue using these powerful essential oils in your everyday life! It will help you to maintain this healthy emotional state in which you created.

If you want to dive deeper into your emotional wellness. Check out the book I am Worthy! I have read the book, but have not participated in the process yet. It is intense and will be an emotional journey! Please check out future bogs to learn more about which oils are right for tackling the emotions you are experiencing. If you have a particular emotion you want to work on, email me and I will make that a priority. Wishing you peace and wellness!

Laura Ciampa