Say Goodbye to Sugar

Did you know that the average American consumes 150-170 pounds of added sugar each year?

Does that sound like you? Well is was definitely me. My name is Laura and I am a sugarholic! There were times in my life when I would skip a meal to eat a cupcake, ice cream, or any other sugary treat. I was constantly eating candy, and chewing gum. Sometimes I justified eating this junk because there was no fat in the candy, this was a low-fat dessert, or I didn’t eat much today so these are my calories for the day. Since I worked out all the time and was good at balancing my caloric intake, I never became overweight from these choices. So for many years, I was addicted to sugar and functioning just fine.

I am not being funny or sarcastic. Sugar is like a drug and many people would argue that is more addictive than some drugs. Sugar gives us a high, but that high is short lived. Once we crash, we need our next fix. There have been times in which I have given up sweets and after about a week of detoxing, the craving was gone. However, once I took even the smallest bite of a tasty treat, I was send right back on that sugar roller coaster.

Before now, I I didn’t see a reason to limit your sugar intake. I am not overweight. I work out several days a week and feel good. I realize now how ignorant that was of me. Let me share some facts with you that are super alarming to me.


Sugar can….

  • cause inflammation in the body

  • overload and damage the liver

  • increase your risk of diabetes

  • cause obesity

  • increase your risk for heart disease

  • add pounds to the abdominal area

  • cause acne issues

  • increase your risk for cancer

  • drain energy levels

  • negatively impact dental health

Hopefully at this point, you agree that sugar is toxic and you need to limit the amount you intake on a daily basis. I say limit because sugar is in everything we eat and is almost impossible to eliminate completely. The following are some tips for banishing cravings and raising your awareness.

Tip #1 Read labels! Often sugar disguises itself as other things. For example, high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, cane sugar, sucrose, maple syrup, honey, fructose, powered sugar and more are all names for sugar. Plus sugar lurks in foods that you wouldn’t think does not contain sugar like ketchup, pasta, salad dressings, bread and the list goes on.

Tip #2 Rewire your association with sugar. Many times sugar is associated with rewards, birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays. We associated cake, cupcakes, chocolate, and other treats with good times, celebrations, and being social with family & friends. We are brain washed to believe that sugar makes us happy. Change your thought pattern to see sugar for what is really is…..TOXIC! Now when I look at a dessert, I see a container covered in toxic warning labels. I imagine it to be something harmful that should not be ingested. Dramatic? Yes, but it works!


Tip #3 Distract your cravings using essential oils. Inhaling essential oils is a great way crush those cravings and prevent yourself from having a sugar binge. This roller bottle blend recipe is courtesy of Dr. Mariza Snyder. Place these essential oils in a 10 ml roller bottle and then fill the remainder of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Roll in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together. Then inhale from cupped hands for a few seconds. By smelling these oils, you will fight those cravings and support your metabolism.

If you are like me, then you read this blog and jumped all in! However, I know this may seem overwhelming to most people. For those people, start by eliminating one thing at a time. Maybe start out by eliminating soda from your diet. Do this for a few weeks and once you no longer care about drinking a soda, remove another item from your diet. Each day, aim to eat around 25 grams of sugar and don’t forget to carry that roller bottle everywhere you go. It will help you to resist the temptations.

Laura Ciampa