Diffuse Your Way to Wellness

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is aromatically. I have a diffuser in every room in my house. Each one serves a different purpose.  Diffusing essential oils is a great way to improve your emotional well-being. I prefer to use oils over candles and sprays because essential oils are 100% natural. I can breathe easy knowing that I am not inhaling synthetic toxic chemicals.


How can diffusing oils help you?

  • improves mood

  • kills airborne germs

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • supports a restful night sleep

  • promotes creativity and focus

  • makes the house smell amazing

Your diffuser is so good to you, so don’t forget to be good to it by taking time to clean it out. Whether you use different blends or always the same one, you must clean your diffuser to kept it in good working condition. If you go too long without cleaning your diffuser, you could ruin your unit.  A good practice is to wipe out your diffuser after each use and let it dry out before using it again. Let’s be real though, who has the time for that?? Try for at least once a week. Another good idea is to diffuse lemon oil for a few minutes once a week.

If you want to keep your diffuser working for years to come, giving it a deeper clean once a month is a good idea. Follow the directions below for a deeper clean.

  1. Fill the diffuser halfway to the line.

  2. Add 10 drops of white vinegar

  3. Allow it to run for about 5 minutes.

  4. Empty the remaining water

  5. Wipe down the inside tank to remove any residue.

  6. Rinse the tank with clean water and wipe it dry.

Happy Diffusing!

Laura Ciampa