SMART Fitness Goals

With anything in life, you need a goal, a vision of where you would like to go.

There are so many benefits to following an exercise routine, but if you are like most people you don’t know where to begin. Following a plan that works for you it vital to your success. A great way to accomplish this is by creating a SMART Goal. See below for the meaning of the acronym.

Specific: Is your goal clear?

Measurable: How many? How much?

Attainable: How to reach this goal?

Realistic/Relevant: Will you be able to accomplish this? Why is the goal important to you?

Time-bound: How long will you take to achieve this?

Let’s break this down for you.

1. Your goal needs to be specific. No vague subjective goals. I will lose weight.

2. Your goals must be measurable. Add specifics to your goal and make sure it is realistic for you to accomplish. Many times it is a weight amount. I will lose 8 pounds.

3. How will you attain this goal? What action needs to be taken and at what frequency? Sitting on the sofa less often won’t cut it. LOL!  I will lose 8 pounds by running for 30 minutes three days a week .

4. Personalize your goal to make it realistic and relevant to your life. Make sure that you will be able to accomplish this goal. If you are going away for the next month, then this goal may be hard to accomplish right now. Also, if you hate swimming, then don’t say you will lose the weight by swimming.

5. Lastly, your goal needs a timeframe. Don’t give yourself a year to lose 8 pounds. Losing two pounds a week is reasonable and healthy for the average person. If you want to lose 8 pounds, give yourself one month.  I will lose 8 pounds in a month from now by running for 30 minutes three days a week.

It is that simple. There are some variations when creating a SMART Goal, but the outcome is the same. Write down a plan that outlines what you desire and how you will go about achieving it! You got this!



Laura Ciampa