Slow Down!

      Many people think walking is too low level of an exercise to have any physical or orthopedic benefit.

The philosophy of "go hard or go home" is regularly applied in the gym setting but going TOO hard TOO fast may get you where you don't want to be, fast. "Pool season" is right around the corner and everyone wants to lean out fast to show off all the hard work they put in earlier in the year. So we go hard and run ourselves into the ground doing cardio until we turn red in the face and throw up because "you aren't working hard enough if that isn't the case". 

      Be SMART about your programming and incorporate walking sessions. 30-90 minutes (progressively building up to higher end) on the treadmill is a great place start. Remember I did use the word "incorporate", implying you are adding it to training. Consider it a heart care session :) You want to get serious about getting lean? Start a two-a-days pattern by walking for 30-90 minute aerobic workout and 4-6 hours later getting in an anaerobic weight training workout (or vice versa ). Any type of aerobic exercise will do but I do prefer walking on a slight incline because we get certain benefits such as full foot striking and challenge to proprioception, which you do not get on an elliptical (wiggle your big toe!). 

     Not only is walking one of the more fundamental weight loss tools but it can also expedite recovery and be a protective mechanism against future injuries to the spine, hips, and other regions of the body. The new hot cliché is “sitting is the new smoking”. The more you get up and get moving the quicker you’ll be where you want to be. 

Written by Matt Blauner

WURK Fitness

Laura Ciampa