Change is Hard

What a scary week! On November 5, I turned in my letter resignation to my job of almost 13 years. I’m now about 20 days away from my move to Texas and the unknown is scary as hell.  


One of my favorite quotes is by Jack Canfield…..

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

I now see why it’s so hard for people to make change….I mean significant life-altering change.  Sometimes being unhappy is easier than being afraid. For many years, being comfortable kept me at a place that I knew wasn’t the best for me.  Changing my story was far too scary and unpredictable to face, so I stayed complacent, unhappy, and comfortable. I’ve had struggles in life which made change unavoidable, but this time I am purposely changing the person I have always been; reliable, safe, and responsible.

I have to be honest; I don’t feel my best right now. Every day I have anxiety like I have never experienced before, but yet I keep pushing ahead.  I am taking a leap because I know that God has my back.  I know this journey will be beautiful. I can feel it!  I am thankful for my faith, for meditation, and my oils because otherwise I probably would have to be heavily medicated. Funny, but true!

I truly believe that in order to become who we meant to be, we have to endure a transformation; kind of like a butterfly.  I’m sure it’s got to be painful for a caterpillar to sprout wings and become this beautiful butterfly.  Before you can “fly” in life, you must be transformed. Transformed into the brave bold person who God intended you to be.

If you are trying to make change in your life whether it’s moving, obtaining a new job, getting out of a bad relationship or whatever, I hope it helps to know that I’m here with you. Whatever you are going through, you got this!

My tips for surviving change….

~Have some daily affirmations that you repeat all day long. Currently, mine are I AM FEARLESS & I GOT THIS!

~Start your day with mediation. This will help center you for the day ahead. Meditate again midday of needed.

~Make a roller bottle of essential oils that calm and ground you. Carry it around and place behind your neck and your pulse points My favorite is doTERRA Serenity and Balance. I use it during the day when those anxious feelings creep up on me.  


Laura Ciampa