No More Sleepless Nights


Whether you are an avid bad sleeper, or it happens occasionally, essential oils can help!

Essential oils can be used aromatically, internally, and topically to promote sleep. One of my favorite ways to create a calming environment is to diffuse a few of the oils listed above. There is no wrong combination. Use oils that you find appealing and calming. My favorite diffuser recipe is 2-3 drops each of juniper berry, cedarwood, and bergamot. 

In addition, applying one or more of the oils listed above on your feet, back of the neck, and chest can be helpful. Making a roller bottle with your favorite sleepy time blend and keeping it in your bedroom is a great idea. Also, you can make a spray bottle and spritz your pillow at night before bed. This can keep you calm and rested throughout the night. Lavender is a great oil to put in a spray bottle. doTERRA also makes Serenity softgels. Take this gelcap 30 minutes prior to bed to promote a restful night. My boyfriend loves these softgels!

As part of my nightly routine, I turn on a diffuser while I get ready for bed. This helps me to relax. Then on my night stand, I store a roller bottle that I made with a calming blend. I roll this on the back of my neck and bottoms of my feet when I get into bed. Between these two methods, I am out for the count!

Remember that not all oils work the same on everyone. Invest some time and try the different methods and oils listed above. Don’t know where to start? Message me and I can help you find a solution.

We have all experienced nights when we had poor sleep. Hopefully these nights are far and few between. If they are not, these nights can throw off your health goals and make for a really bad day. Without adequate sleep, weight lose becomes more difficult, our reaction time slows down, and our mood is negatively impacted. Doesn’t it always seem that you sleep the worst when you have a big day coming up?

Here are some tips to promote a restful night’s sleep.

  • Maintain a healthy diet

  • Exercise regularly

  • Relax the body 30 minutes before bed by removing stimulants. Try not to watch TV or play on your phone. Instead, read a book or listen to calming music.

  • Use essential oils to promote restful sleep and create a calming sleeping environment.

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Laura Ciampa