Journey to Wellness

I can’t believe I am typing my first blog!  

Wow, this is scary, but exciting at the same time. I am finally taking the leap and putting my passion for health into action. For a while I felt stuck in my current situation, both personally and professionally. I knew that I wanted a change but couldn’t take the first step. The past few years have been difficult and prevented me from making the change that I desire. I am happy to say that I am at a better place in life because I have moved on from the past struggles. My journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s important to know that each experience has taught me something. I love the quote; “It’s about the journey, not the destination.”  Our journey makes us who we are!

My advice to you is to embrace each experience because there is a lesson you need to learn.

About a year ago, while I was contemplating starting a blog, I thought to myself…I am too old, what will I say, how can I be starting over at 39, there are tons of bloggers already?? Then, I had this epiphany. There is only one me!  There is a time and a place for everything. This is my time and this site is my place. I don’t want to spend another day not living the life that I desire.

I am at the point in my journey where I am finding my best self in mind, body, and soul.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey to wellness with you and hearing from you as well. ~Peace & wellness~

Laura Ciampa