Education, health, and wellness are my top priorities! That is why I am so passionate about educating others to live healthier lives.

I am a School Teacher, doTERRA Wellness Coach, vegetarian, Transcendental Mediator,Certified NASM Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Kickboxing Instructor, and certified TRX trainer. Now, I am studying to be a Certified Aromatherapist. I believe in the power of healing your mind and body naturally. Being positive, eating healthy, exercise, meditation, and using natural solutions are the vehicles I use to help me live the life that I desire.

For the past 17 years, I was an elementary school teacher. Teaching and helping others to grow is and always has been my passion. I enjoyed nurturing my students and helping them learn how to be their best self. Although I love teaching, health and wellness are truly my passion! I have always been into fitness and health, however, I began to realize that this wasn’t enough.

My interest in finding balance in my life led me to learn how to meditate, which has proven to be one of the best decision is my life. Around the same time, I discovered the power of essential oils. I began using natural solutions to help me live an even healthier life. This was the turning point in my life when I realized that I wanted to teach and help others in a different capacity.

I love it when people feel good about themselves, both physically and emotionally. It pains me to watch people struggle and I feel compelled to help. I wholeheartedly believe that is my calling in life. To empower others with knowledge and support to grow and flourish.

I have had many ups and downs throughout the past few years, but those struggles have led me to this place. It has led me to you! If we don’t struggle, then we never evolve into the person we are meant to be. I know that I am on the path to becoming who God intended me to be. I am ridiculously excited to see what the future will bring for me and you!