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Better health one drop at a time



We all come into this world with only one body, one mind, and one soul. It is so important to take care of all aspects of our being. If we do not, then we can’t find harmony and balance in life. Our lifestyle determines our health and being aware of our daily habits is the first step to achieving wellness.

My goal is to educate and inspire you to live a better life using natural solutions! It is time for you to take control of your wellness through a healthy diet, exercise, and using essential oils to support your emotional and physical healthcare concerns.

I hope to become a resource for you to learn how to live well and provide you with the motivation to dream big! I’m super excited to support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

Wishing you peace and wellness ~Laura

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Meet Laura

Education, health, and wellness are my top priorities! That is why I am so passionate about educating others to live healthier lives.

I am a School Teacher, doTERRA Wellness Coach, vegetarian, Transcendental Mediator,Certified NASM Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Kickboxing Instructor, and certified TRX trainer. Now, I am studying to be a Certified Aromatherapist. I believe in the power of healing your mind and body naturally.

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Essential oils give people the power to take control of their healthcare. It enables them to support their physical and emotional concerns with all natural solutions. You will feel healthier and safer knowing that you are putting all natural products from the Earth on your body.


“I have suffered from severe heart burn in the past and never have I used a product that can relieve all discomfort nearly immediate the way DigestZen does. It has proven far superior to both over the counter and prescription drugs for me!”~Vincent A., NJ


“I love Past Tense! My absolutely favorite to take the pain away in a matter 2-3 minutes! I am no longer take Advil. My teenager loves Breathe! No kids especially boys will take medication, but Breathe works immediately. This makes it easy to put the kids to sleep.” Natalya K., NJ


Laura introduced me to doTERRA in May 2018. I LOVE the OnGuard line and I use all of the products! My favorites are the cough drops, soft gels and touch oil. I carry these on me at all times. Whenever I start to feel ill, I will contact Laura immediately asking what products I should use. She always gets back to me immediately with a remedy. Every year I get my annual 10 day sore throat in September which has been occurring in my life for over 30 years. In the past I have tried antibiotics, honey, teas, cough drops, pain relievers, a good night's rest, but nothing worked to stop this painful ordeal. Laura mentioned in an earlier conversation that she had a sore throat and rubbed On Guard on her neck the night before she went to bed and woke up the next day with no sore throat. I did not believe it would work on me, but I tried anyway. That evening I rubbed the On Guard touch on the front of my neck and went to sleep. OMG! I woke up with no sore throat and have not had one since May 2018. I am a true believer now!” ~Gloria K., Limiting Lyme


“Currently, my favorite daily doTERRA product is the HD Clear face wash. I have very sensitive skin so I’m limited in the skin care products I can use. It was hard for me to find a daily face wash strong enough to combat my combination skin without leaving my face irritated. But after washing with HD Clear for less than a week my complexion improved. The dry areas on my face are smoother now and the oily sections stay matte throughout the day.”

~Stephanie C., NJ


“I rarely write testimonies for products because every person is different, and their reactions may be different. But, I NEED to say that doTERRA Breathe has truly been a life saver, so I had to share my experience. When I turned 30, my body changed and all of a sudden, I woke up one day wheezing. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with asthma. I started using the asthma pump for over 5 years. The more I used the pump, the more I felt I needed more. It didn’t make me feel great knowing I was pumping steroids into my body numerous times a day, so I was in need of an alternative. My friend, Laura started using doTERRA oils, and suggested me to try breathe. I was very hesitant at first because I wasn’t too familiar with essential oils, but said to myself, “It can’t hurt.” Oh was I truly has changed my life. It’s been over a year now, and I no longer use my asthma inhaler full of steroids. Now, when I feel my chest is tightening up, I just rub a few drops of breathe on my chest, and inhale the oil from my palms. Within minutes of the application, I’m back to breathing normal again. If you have asthma, you NEED to stop your inhaler and give this natural essential oil a try! You will NOT regret it!!” ~Tuyet B., NJ


“My favorite doTERRA product, hands down, is the On Guard sanitizing spray. It has the most pleasant citrus smell and doesn’t dry my skin. I also just like to use it as a light room spray in my home and office. I also use it as a body spray. It’s super versatile and very refreshing!”

~Liz G., NY

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